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The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

It's almost amazing to think about it. Doctor Who has been around for fifty years.

Fifty years. Just let that sink in. Doctor Who is older than most of its fans. It's older than most of what is considered "classic TV". The amazing thing is that all of it, all of it has been leading to one event. That event was The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

I won't go overlong on this story. The whole thing was only about 20 minutes long, but I laughed almost nonstop from beginning to end. If there was ever a "love letter" written to fans of the show then it would be this. I admire Peter Davison for coming up with this and finding a way that he, Colin, and Sylvester could be part of the 50th anniversary festivities. It doesn't stop there, though. Davison assembles a tremendous cast including many actors from the classic and new series. We even get cameos from Peter Jackson and Sir Ian McKellan. John Barrowman makes a fairly large appearance and we also get cameos from Matt Smith, David Tennent, Paul McGann, Janet Fielding, and others.

The whole thing is hilarious to watch as Peter, Colin, and Sylvester try to convince themselves and us that they're relevant while convincing themselves that they're doing it "for the fans". The whole thing is tremendous fun as you see Peter's kids don't care at all about the 50th and Colin's family can't stand to be forced to rewatch his whole episodes for umpteen millionth time. Sylvester feels the need to tell everyone that he's in The Hobbit. It all culminates in their storming BBC Wales as the music not so subtley shifts from an 80's Who styles to new series style.

I can't recommend this thing enough. It made me happy to be a Whovian and reminded me of the characters and the actors that I have loved for so many years. If you haven't seen the classic series then this probably won't mean much to you although you'll probably laugh at a good many of the jokes, but to truly appreciate it you have to be a classic series fan and then the whole thing will be 100% hilarious.

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