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Terror of the Zygons DVD

I was kind of disappointed with this one. With the last Tom Baker story held on for so long I thought for sure it would be, so that the commentary would be with the man himself participating. Instead we had a bunch of people who were all involved behind the scenes. Having the producer, Philip Hinchcliffe, and the writer, Robert Banks Stuart, was good, but having people like the makeup supervisor participating really didn't add anything to it. The input from people like that could have been included in the documentary about the making of the story. I also think that when you don't have a single actor participating in the commentary that they tend to be boring. Having the behind the scenes perspective is great but its good to have one or more people relating anecdotes from actually filming as it tends to make the commentaries pacier. If they couldn't get Tom I have no clue why they didn't at least get John Levene to do some comments.

Ah well, the documentaries were a bit better, with a making of feature as well finishing up several multi-part documentaries that had begun on other DVD's. It's just to bad that they weren't more up to date. A lot of the material we'd seen or heard before, but I guess there was no way to get around that.

I'm looking forward to The Tenth Planet DVD next month. I hope that they at least got Anneke Willis to do a commentary on all 3 episodes that remain of that.
Tags: doctor who, dvd, terror of the zygons, tv series

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