October 17th, 2013


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. I just watched The Shadow for the first time on blu-ray. For years it was one of the few reasons that I maintained a VCR. The DVD was one of the first ones released and was full screen only, so I held out in the hopes that a widescreen edition would come out later. Now that I have a blu-ray player I have now seen it in glorious widescreen.

I have to say that it holds up really well. The style is great. I love that sort of epic and idealized 1930's appearance to everything. The HDing does hurt one shot where its clear there's a painting of New York in the background but the night shots still look fantastic. I also think that despite its campy tone, the tone actually fits and they were able to keep things fairly dark and keep an undercurrent of real drama in there. The idea of someone who has done so much evil in their lives and who is forced not only on a path to redemption but a path that has them use that viciousness and anger in protecting others is a fantastic idea and one that I find very compelling to watch. In tone its similar to Xena and Alec Baldwin does a great job of playing both sides of Lamont Cranston. Also, the movie has Tim Curry and Sir Ian McKellan so you know there's going to be some good stuff going on. I definitely recommend it.