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It has come to my attention recently that I've been remiss in not putting an explanation for my journal at the front, so I have pinned this post in the hopes that anyone who comes to this journal will see this first.

I have been a lifelong fan of Doctor Who ever since the time when at 5-years-old I watched The Seeds of Doom. Doctor Who immediately replaced Star Trek as my favorite TV series and it has been so ever since. I'm an American and watched Doctor Who on my local PBS station, which meant that within the span of a few years I had seen all of the Doctor Who then available. This included everything from William Hartnell through Colin Baker. It became obvious to me when they showed the Hartnell and Troughton years that something was missing and I did some research and soon discovered that some episodes had been wiped. This started my quest to find the novelizations for all of those stories, which also resulted in me finding and reading a lot of the novelizations for existing stories as well. Eventually, I moved from Florida to South Carolina where they no longer showed Doctor Who. I was ten at that point and it was a struggle to keep my addiction fed.

Thankfully, the VHS releases started coming to America around this time and I soon set up a policy with my parents wherein if I received a good report card we would order one of those stories (nowhere in SC in those days actually carried Doctor Who videos at the store). I also kept up with the novels known as the New Adventures, which started around that time. Those stories carried on from Survival and gave us the continuing story of Doctor Who. However, becoming a teenager meant that by around the time that I turned 14 my interests were divided. I still considered myself a fan of Doctor Who but other than watching my VHS tapes occasionally I didn't really do much with it. Then when I turned 16 the TV movie came out and although it has its problems I credit it with rekindling my love and interest in Doctor Who. After that I bought all of the New Adventures and Missing Adventures and caught up and I stayed caught up with the books until they were cancelled. I also started listening to the audio adventures from Big Finish when those came out.

I was ecstatic when the New Series was announced and couldn't wait to see new Doctor Who. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. In my opinion the quality of story telling was far worse than that of the novels and audios, so I stopped watching that with Journeys End and continued with the novels and audios. Yet once the 50th anniversary came it seemed sad that I wasn't doing anything related to it, so I decided to start this blog. This blog is an attempt to examine Doctor Who on a story by story basis starting with the TV series and the audios from Big Finish. Eventually this may also expand to the novels but those are far more time-consuming to review, so I'll start with this first. These reviews will contain my opionions and observations on these stories, which will hopefully be different from what I term "fan orthodoxy" which you can find in many of the guidebooks. I hope that this will help both long-time fans of the series as well as people who are just beginning to look at the classic series of Doctor Who. To further help that latter group, I've included a final rating and recommendation section to each entry. This will tell them how good the story is and will also tell them where I think that it's something that needs to be watched or listened to or not.

I'm always looking for feedback, so if you have any please let me know.

Each review will have the following format:

Blurb - This is where the synopsis from the back goes.

Format - This tells you what kind of story this is, whether its a TV show, movie, book, or audio drama. It also may give you the style of the adventure such as a companion chronicle, full cast drama, or novel.

Setting - This tells you the time and place of all the action in the story if known.

Continuity - Mentions links to other stories and indicates for past Doctor stories where they happen within the television series and possibly linking to other expanded universe sources.

Canonicity Quotient - This will only appear for Doctor Who expanded universe entries. My order of relevance to canon is Original Series - New Adventures/novels published by Virgin publishing, novels published by BBC books, Big Finish audios, short stories, new series of Doctor Who. This is the section where I discuss how well this story fits in with the rest of Doctor Who weighted per my list above.

Discussion - This is where I give my thoughts on the story. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! I also put my rating of the story out of 10 points at the bottom.

Recomendation - This is where I give a very brief reason why someone should or should not listen to, watch, or read the story. This will be spoiler free.

Update 7/20/19: I've decided to cover other Big Finish series in addition to Doctor Who. I may remove some sections if I feel that they don't apply for reviews of that series, but the format will generally be the same.

Now for a list of the reviews so far:

[TV Series (click to open)]

Season One:
An Unearthly Child (Serial A)
The Daleks (Serial B)
The Edge of Destruction (Serial C)
Marco Polo (Serial D)
The Keys of Marinus (Serial E)
The Aztecs (Serial F)
The Sensorites (Serial G)
The Reign of Terror (Serial H)

Season Two:
Planet of Giants (Serial J)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Serial K)
The Rescue (Serial L)
The Romans (Serial M)
The Web Planet (Serial N)
The Crusade (Serial P)
The Space Museum (Serial Q)
The Chase (Serial R)
The Time Meddler (Serial S)

Season Three:
Galaxy Four (Serial T)
Mission to the Unknown (Serial D/C)
The Myth Makers (Serial U)

[Big Finish Audios (click to open]
There are many ways to sort the Big Finish Adventures. I will do this by sorting first by the Big Finish range that the story falls within. I will then sort chronologically by the season of the TV series in which the story falls. In some cases these are guesses and I will be a 'c' next to those stories. The names of either the narrators or the characters involved in the story will be listed in parentheses after the story.

The Companion Chronicles:

Season Zero (Prior to An Unearthly Child):
8.05 The Beginning (Susan)
9.01 The Sleeping Blood (Susan)
8.02 The Alchemists (Susan)
5.06 Quinnis (Susan)

Season One:
3.07 The Transit of Venus (Ian)

Season One-b (Between Reign of Terror and Planet of Giants):
3.01 Here There Be Monsters (Susan)
6.10 The Wanderer (Ian)
7.07 The Flames of Cadiz (Ian, Susan)
7.10 The Library of Alexandria (Ian)

Season Two:
Special The Revenants (Ian)
8.09 Starborn (Vicki)
6.02 The Rocket Men (Ian)
8.08 The Sleeping City (Ian)
9.02 The Unwinding World

Season Two-b (Between The Time Meddler and Galaxy Four):
4.07 The Suffering (Steven, Vicki)
11.01 Fields of Terror (Vicki)
1.01 Frostfire (Vicki)
11.02 Across the Darkened City
8.03 Upstairs (Vicki, Steven)
9.03 The Founding Fathers (Steven)

Season Three:
6.07 The Anachronauts (Steven, Sara Kingdom)
3.05 Home Truths (Sara Kingdom)
4.01 The Drowned World (Sara Kingdom)
5.01 The Guardian of the Solar System (Sara Kingdom)
5.08 The Perpetual Bond (Steven, Oliver)
5.12 The Cold Equations (Steven, Oliver)
6.05 The First Wave (Steven, Oliver)
2.01 Mother Russia (Steven)
7.05 Return of the Rocket Men (Steven)
8.10 The War to End all Wars (Steven)

Season Four:
11.03 The Bonfires of the Vanities (Polly, Ben)
11.04 The Plague of Dreams (Polly)
3.09 Resistance (Polly)
5.09 The Forbidden Time (Polly, Jamie)
6.08 The Selachian Gambit (Jamie, Polly)
7.08 The House of Cards (Polly, Jamie)

Season Five:
3.02 The Great Space Elevator (Victoria)
4.08 The Emperor of Eternity (Victoria, Jamie)

Season Five-b (Between The Wheel in Space and The Dominators):
1.02 Fear of the Daleks (Zoe)

Season Six:
6.11 The Jigsaw War (Jamie)
4.02 The Glorious Revolution (Jamie)
5.02 Echoes of Grey (Zoe)
6.03 The Memory Cheats (Zoe)
7.02 The Uncertainty Principle (Zoe)
7.11 The Apocalypse Mirror (Jamie, Zoe)
8.12 Second Chances (Zoe)
8.06 The Dying Light (Jamie, Zoe)

Season Six-b (Between The War Games and Spearhead from Space):
2.02 Helicon Prime (Jamie)

Season Seven:
2.03 Old Soldiers (The Brigadier)
4.09 Shadow of the Past (Liz)
7.04 The Last Post (Liz)

Season Seven-b (Between Inferno and Terror of the Autons):
1.03 The Blue Tooth (Liz)
6.09 Binary (Liz)
6.12 The Rings of Ikiria (Mike)

Season Eight:
5.10 The Sentinels of the New Dawn (Liz)

Season Eight-b (Between The Daemons and The Day of the Daleks):
3.03 The Doll of Death (Jo)

Season Nine:
3.10 The Magician's Oath (Mike)
5.03 Find and Replace (Jo)

Season Ten:
Special The Mists of Time (Jo)
6.04 The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (Jo)
7.09 The Scorchies (Jo)
8.04 Ghost in the Machine (Jo)

Season Ten-b (Between The Green Death and The Time Warrior)
4.03 The Prisoner of Peladon (King Peladon)
7.12 Council of War (Benton)

Season Fourteen:
7.06 The Child (Leela)

Season Fourteen-b (Between The Talons of Weng-Chiang and The Horror of Fang Rock)
2.04 The Catalyst (Leela)

Season Fifteen:
3.04 Empathy Games (Leela)
4.10 The Time Vampire (Leela, K-9)

3.11 The Mahogany Murderers (Jago and Litefoot)
7.01 The Time Museum (Ian)
8.11 The Elixir of Doom (Jo)
9.04 The Locked Room (Steven)

The Lost Stories:

Season One-b:
2.01 Farewell Great Macedon (Ian, Susan)
2.01 The Fragile Gentle Arc of Fragrance (Ian, Susan)
3.07 The Masters of Luxor (Ian, Susan)

Season Two:
The Dark Planet (Ian, Vicki)

Season Six:
2.02 Prison in Space (Jamie, Zoe)
3.08 The Rosemariners (Jamie, Zoe)
4.02 The Queen of Time (Jamie, Zoe)
4.03 Lords of the Red Planet (Jamie Zoe)

Season Eight:
4.04 The Mega (Jo, Mike)

Season Fourteen-b:
Special The Foe from the Future (Fourth Doctor, Leela)

Season Fifteen:
Special The Valley of Death (Fourth Doctor, Leela)

The Destroyers (Sara Kingdom)

Short Trips:

Season One-b (Between Reign of Terror and Planet of Giants):
5.01 Flywheel Revolution (Peter Purves)

Season Two-b (Between The Time Meddler and Galaxy Four):
5.09 Etheria (Peter Purves)

The Early Adventures:

Season One-b (Between Reign of Terror and Planet of Giants):
1.01 Domain of the Voord (Susan, Ian)
3.01 The Age of Endurance (Susan, Ian)

Season Two:
3.02 The Fifth Traveller (Vicki, Ian)
1.02 The Doctor's Tale (Vicki, Ian)

Season Two-b (Between The Time Meddler and Galaxy Four):
1.03 The Bounty of Ceres (Vicki, Steven)
3.03 The Ravelli Conspiracy (Vicki, Steven)

Season Three:
1.04 An Ordinary Life (Steven, Sara)
3.04 The Sontarans (Steven, Sara)

Destiny of the Doctor:

Season Zero:
01 Hunters of Earth (Susan)

Season Six:
02 Shadow of Death (Jamie)

Season Seven:
03 Vengeance of the Stones (Mike Yates)

The Fourth Doctor Adventures:

Season Fourteen-b:
1.01 Destination: Nerva (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
1.02 The Renaissance Man (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
1.03 The Wrath of the Iceni (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
1.04 Energy of the Daleks (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
1.05 Trail of the White Worm (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
1.06 The Oseidon Adventure (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
Special: Night of the Stormcrow (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.01 The King of Sontar (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.02 White Ghosts (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.03 The Crooked Man (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.04 The Evil One (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.05 Last of the Colophon (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.06 Destroy the Infinite (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.07 The Abandoned (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
3.08 Zygon Hunt (Fourth Doctor, Leela)

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents:

Season Fourteen-b:
1.1 The Ghosts of Gralstead (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
1.2 The Devil's Armada (Fourth Doctor, Leela)
2,1 The Genesis Chamber (Fourth Doctor, Leela)

[BBC Audios (click to open]

Season Fifteen-b (Between The Invasion of Time and The Ribos Operation)
Hornet's Nest
1. The Stuff of Nightmares
2. The Dead Shoes
3. The Circus of Doom
4. A Sting in the Tale
5. Hive of Horror

[Stargate (click to open]

1.1 Gift of the Gods
1.2 A Necessary Evil
1.3 Shell Game
1.4 Perchance to Dream
1.5 Savarna
1.6 Zero Point
2.1 First Prime
2.2 Impressions

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