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Finally started watching Arrow again. We rewatched the pilot because its been a year. It's still rather hokey. So you go outside with a hood and a little green eyeshadow? Ok I get it. You're doing stuff at night. The hood helps to obscure things and its dark and most people will only see you from far away. It could work. But in the pilot, he puts the bad guy's face within 2 inches from his own and he's got a good look up at the hood. This is after Oliver's face is pasted ALL OVER the news for the last few days. And he doesn't know it was Oliver Queen when the cops show up? Really?

The 2nd ep was better but both eps had a real problem with being very unconvincing when people are shooting at you from 25 feet away and you're running in a straight line without even the pretense of weaving or dodging and yet no one can hit you. Beth started asking if the bullets were actually hitting but bouncing off his abs. For a show that wants "no powers" they've made him far to super for an even an Olympic level athlete. Still that 2nd ep gives me hope and I always give shows a ton of leeway for pilots.
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