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blogger_who's Journal

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7 January
I'm an engineer and father of two. I'm in my 30's and I've been in love with Doctor Who since I was 5. I've wanted to talk or write about my love of the series for some time and this may be just the venue. When not doing Who related stuff, I spend my time with my family, watching TV or movies, or snatching a moment to read when I can get a chance. I'm a huge fan of science-fiction, fantasy, and anime and like to swim when I have a moment.

This journal is about Doctor Who, particularly the classic series and the expanded universe. I'll post reviews and upcoming news about the classic series and from time-to-time will post about my other interests as well.

Primarily, this journal will review Doctor Who stories and the entries will have the following format:

Blurb - This is where the synopsis from the back goes.

Format - This tells you what kind of story this is, whether its a TV show, movie, book, or audio drama. It also may give you the style of the adventure such as a companion chronicle, full cast drama, or novel.

Setting - This tells you the time and place of all the action in the story if known.

Continuity - Mentions links to other stories and indicates for past Doctor stories where they happen within the television series and possibly linking to other expanded universe sources.

Canonicity Quotient - This will only appear for Doctor Who expanded universe entries. My order of relevance to canon is Original Series - New Adventures/novels published by Virgin publishing, novels published by BBC books, Big Finish audios, short stories, new series of Doctor Who. This is the section where I discuss how well this story fits in with the rest of Doctor Who weighted per my list above.

Discussion - This is where I give my thoughts on the story. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! I also put my rating of the story out of 10 points at the bottom.

Recomendation - This is where I give a very brief reason why someone should or should not listen to, watch, or read the story. This will be spoiler free.

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